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“We do not know who was responsible for posting the signs, but do know that such signs have been posted on college campuses around the country as a part of an alt-right scheme.”

Mia Zanzucchi,

Tokyo ramen in Evanston? Who wouldn't love that!

Mia Zanzucchi,

The second phase of the Sheridan Road-Chicago Avenue Improvement Project was completed over the weekend, giving bicyclists a safer and more efficient way to travel around campus.

Visually relive the nail-biter against Michigan State.

Mia Zanzucchi,

All Time Low guarantees an all time high. And here are the arguments for that.

Too drunk to remember what Dillo Day looked like? We've got you covered.

The decision is unrelated to the allegations of sexual assault against the fraternity made earlier this year.

Mia Zanzucchi,

Before the 'Cats go dancing for the first time ever, our favorite photos from a historic season.

Mia Zanzucchi, Will Fischer,

Welsh-Ryan went out with a bang when the 'Cats fell just short of beating No. 16 Purdue in a sold out nail-biter on Sunday.

Last Block, best Block (our photos aren't too bad either).

Our best photos from the Tent Where It Happened.

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Actual photos from Block 5, Actual Marathon.

Mia Zanzucchi,

Morale is low, sex drive is higher.

Photos by Virginia Nowakowski and Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern

Justin Curto, Mia Zanzucchi,

We put a GoPro on a dancer for the start of DM. (It was pretty wild.)

Check out our best photos from Block 1.

Mia Zanzucchi, Morgan Smith,

NBN explores how Northwestern students high five.

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Comedy actor Aasif Mandvi shared his experiences as a South Asian and a Muslim in the acting business.

Claire Bugos, Mia Zanzucchi,

Over 250,000 gathered in downtown Chicago on Saturday for the Women's March on Chicago to show support for women and marginalized groups at risk under Trump's presidency.

Students gathered in Norris to speak out against the inauguration of Donald Trump.

NU edged Pitt in a game you'll probably never forget. Reminisce one more time with our great photos from Yankee Stadium.

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Year in Media 2016: #PhelpsFace

NU basketball is 2-0, with both teams taking home "W"s in their season openers on Friday.

Election Day 2016 is finally here. We're gauging how students feel, and this page will be updated throughout the day with new videos.

Wisconsin rolled out of Evanston with a win, but we rolled out of Ryan Field with some awesome photos.

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NU did just about everything right except win on Saturday. Our photos from the game are, in a way, a moral victory in themselves.

From the parade to the football game, here's NBN's photo coverage of Homecoming 2016.

Kira Fahmy, Mia Zanzucchi,

Young Thug is headlining A&O Blowout tonight. We asked NU students to interpret and analyze some of his lyrics.

Ethan Dlugie, Mia Zanzucchi,

The outcome wasn't what Northwestern wanted, but here are some photos from a nice night at Ryan Field.

Relive the best week of your freshman year with our photo slideshow from Wildcat Welcome 2016.

Alex Furuya, Mia Zanzucchi,

NU topped Duke for its first win of the season, but our photos would've been pretty regardless of the outcome.

Some people get trashed on Dillo Day, and others pick up your trash the next day.

Mia Zanzucchi,

Which Dillo tank reigned supreme? We investigate.

Mia Zanzucchi, Zoe Davis,

Relive the memories of Rae Sremmurd and Baauer with our glorious photos.

Discover the prettiest spots on campus to snap a quick, probably overexposed photo of NU's campus.

NU softball dropped two of three games to Minnesota's no. 21-ranked team this weekend.

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Men's tennis continued its B1G domination April 1, maintaining a tie for first in conference play.

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Playing in the newly renovated Rocky and Berenice Miller Park for the first time, the 'Cats beat Chicago State.

Mia Zanzucchi,

Northwestern Men's Basketball played Nebraska for their last home game and honored the seniors.

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Men's basketball defeated the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, 98-59.

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Northwestern may have lost 65-56 Wednesday night, but they battled hard until the close. Relive the action with photos from the court.

NU beat Purdue this week, setting up a Top 25 showdown against Wisconsin next weekend. But for now, re-live the Purdue game in this photo story.

Jackie Tang, Mia Zanzucchi,

The election may be a year away, but we're already deep in campaign season. How much do you know about the candidates?

Despite an injury early in the game to starting quarterback Clayton Thorson, the 'Cats managed to beat Penn State on a game-winning field goal.

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Relive the demolition of Minnesota this weekend through NBN's photography.

Check out the Wildcats fourth victory in photos.

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Don't try talking to a DM dancer right after the 30 hours – trust us.

Mia Zanzucchi,

The results are in, and females are feeling more than a little grody — all but two respondents preferred the ...

Screams were heard across campus as PNMs found out their new affiliations.

We switched things up a bit, and this time RTVF majors have the cameras pointed at them.

Jon Palmer, Mia Zanzucchi,

Students came together to combine jazz and poetry in an experience unlike anything else on campus.

Photos by Natalie Escobar, Alex Furuya, Devon Levy, Mia Zanzucchi and Wei Wei Check out photos from Purple Fest, the ...

Northwestern's Quidditch team the Kneazles hosted a tournament this past Saturday at Long Field.

A look at the Rainbow Alliance's programming from this past week.

Relive A&O Blowout with these photographic highlights.