Makaristos / Wikimedia Commons / Licensed Under Creative Commons

    I love you, California

    I love what you’ve given me

    I love our memories

    I loved you when my basement flooded in ‘05

    I loved you when I nearly drowned in the river in ‘09

    I loved you when my friends’ houses burned in ‘17

    I love you now, when others see you as a waste of funds, a waste of resources

    I love you now, when the sky is brown and the sun is a mirror for canopy blaze

    When the air is soup and blame is scattered, and people are charred to death in their cars

    When entire towns disappear in a day

    We know it’s not your fault, it’s ours

    We know we caused this, we put this on you

    We know that even the best forest management can’t stop climate change

    But we know that you love us back

    Or your beauty wouldn’t persist, despite the smoke

    I wish it was fog


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