Reactions: Students gather in Norris to watch election results

    As students gathered in Norris Tuesday night to watch election results, many noticed an increase in voter turnout for this year’s midterms.

    The recent urge to vote is in reaction to our current administration, said Medill junior Andres Correa.

    “No one ever thought [Trump] was going to win, so people are trying to do what they can to be involved,” Correa said. “You should vote. I think it’s important to be engaged and if you want change and you’re not happy with the current state of our country, I don’t understand why you didn't vote.”

    Communication senior Lexi Olivia noticed a much bigger urge to vote in this election than she had seen before. Although she was already planning to vote, she said she felt the push from social media to do so. Olivia decided to vote in California instead of Illinois, because that’s where her family lives and that’s where to she plans to move back to.

    “I think everyone is really scared for the state of our country and wants to lend their voice and effect some sort of change,” Olivia said. “You’re not allowed to complain about the state of our nation if you didn’t vote.”

    Although unable to vote in the US, McCormick freshman Nuremir Babanov, an international student, said his roommate still informs him about US politics. Babanov also said he notices many differences between elections in the United States and his hometown of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

    “My country is very small. People believe the government is corrupt,” Babanov said. “They think everything is decided before the election. What amazes me here is that people actually think that the election [results] do depend on what you choose.”


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