Seven Samantha Bee sketches you need to watch before her A&O event

    One of the best things about going to a well-known university is its speakers. On Feb. 28, comedian and late-night host Samantha Bee will speak at Cahn Auditorium as A&O Productions’ winter speaker, co-hosted by College Democrats and One Book One Northwestern.

    Previously a correspondent for The Daily Show, Bee is the first woman late-night host, and a successful one at that. Since the presidential election, her TBS show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, has seen a jump in ratings to rival The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and other popular programs with less political rhetoric.

    Here are a few sketches to hold you over before Bee comes to campus.

    After Trump’s deposition video for a lawsuit against D.C. chefs was released, Samantha Bee poked fun at President Donald Trump’s actions and came up with a hilarious conclusion: Trump is illiterate.

    Bee wants you to forgive her. Forgive her for being on Law and Order, forgive her for being in Playboy and, most importantly, forgive her for voting this year, since she probably cursed the election and everything she’s participated in up to then.

    Forget about the 2008 election. Democrats stayed silent for a much more influential election: the 2010 midterms. Bee breaks down the mistake Americans made by not voting. She points out each politician whose mess ups should have made voters want to stop them from being elected.

    February means Black History Month. Samantha Bee and her correspondent Ashley Nicole Black have one minute to discuss the importance of civil rights. They shock us all with the realization that civil rights weren’t achieved in one month!

    The truth might set you free – or it could make you president. Bee uncovers some of the lies Trump and his supporters have told, such as the size of his inauguration gathering and voter fraud.

    After the Orlando shooting, Bee takes a look at the warning signs the shooter showed leading up to the shooting and reiterates the need for tighter laws on gun control. She’s just as annoyed as you are that mass shootings seem to keep happening without any change.

    Samantha Bee noticed Fox News began to talk about women and feminism – by women, I mean Kellyanne Conway, and by feminism, I mean only talking about Kellyanne Conway.

    Samantha Bee will speak at Cahn Auditorium on Feb. 28 for A&O’s winter speaker event. Journalist Rebecca Traister will moderate. The event is sold out.


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